We believe that the digital experience of a brand should be a seamless extension of its physical experience: only once we’ve defined a brand’s unique attributes and objectives do we turn to our technological toolkit.

With a core expertise in branding and storytelling, honed at specialist editorial agencies such as Winkreative, all Design & Build projects start with the brand. The luxury experience is notoriously challenging to emulate online, but by grounding our work in a rigorous brand deep-dive from the outset we’re able to translate even the most complex brand into a multifaceted digital experience.

Once brand work has been defined, we draw on our UX capabilities in wireframing, journey planning, feature road mapping and interface design to help recreate this unique positioning in an online environment. We live in a digital-first world where there are any number of technological tools to reach an ever changing audience, but at Design & Build we seek to act as editors and curators, only using the most appropriate technology for the brand at hand.