With ecommerce solutions proliferating at all levels of the market, it’s no longer enough to integrate the technology into your offer: you have to develop a clear perspective on how to make the technology best serve your brand.

Successful ecommerce today rests on great strategy as much as it does great technology. At Design & Build, we start every ecommerce project with a brand deep-dive to explore exactly what kind of user journey feels right for our client. For some brands, this will be filled with emotive content and powerful editorial to drive a deeper connection, while for others, it will be all about a sleek and minimal path-to-purchase.

Because Design & Build combines expertise in content creation as well as technical execution, we’re able to work with a wide range of clients with varied needs. Some ecommerce projects will therefore be straightforward execution, while others will be much more consultative, brand-building and storytelling pieces. Whichever path is chosen, it is completely bespoke to the client’s brand and business.