To achieve the smoothest journey from strategy to final product, we follow an iterative approach that rapidly prototypes our designs through user and client input. Only once an idea is fully optimised do we embark on the build process.

The best solutions rarely come fully formed, but are instead honed over time in response to application and feedback. We follow a circular system of rapid prototyping at Design & Build, working closely with clients to develop a working model, and then embarking on rigorous user-testing before refining the model and putting it to market once again. This process can be repeated as many times as needed and leads to a final solution that’s watertight before roll out.

You can think of this as a kind of call-and-response way of working that ensures the client and user feedback is constantly integrated into every round of revision. There are a number of tools we use to ensure this process is as seamless and intuitive as possible, such as Flinto, Origami and Invision. This highly sensitive toolkit means every user insight or micro-interaction is harnessed and used to develop our services.