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Design & Build Co. worked with Baume et Mercier to redesign their flagship ecommerce offer. As the home of this historical brand, the site needed to communicate the unique brand heritage while also articulating the brand for the next generation of luxury consumers. Combining this commitment to the past with an engagement with the future is a delicate balance, and was particularly key for Baume et Mercier, who have a strong following with mature luxury consumers, but also a growing younger customer base. Because subtlety was required, we followed a fully iterative approach where single upgrades could be launched, monitored and optimised.

Bridging unparalleled heritage with technological innovation

Updating a brand as rich as Baume et Mercier requires a meticulous approach that respects core values while finding areas of flex and innovation. We started with an extensive brand strategy stage that identified key values in terms of quality, accuracy and craftsmanship that we then translated into digital comms channels - from site to email and social.

Immersive landing pages to engage and educate a new generation

Baume et Mercier has a passionate mature following, but we were aware that some younger consumers would be encountering the brand for the first time. Because we’re working with a mono-brand destination, the potential depth of storytelling is far more profound than you can find on multi-brand retailers, and we made this a major part of the offer.



Working with Design & Build Co has been a great experience and a rare moment where, as a customer, I could 100% rely on my partner to make the right decisions. Not only does Simon, and his team, provide high quality and top-notch modern luxury design and user experience, but they deliver in real-time, with a perfect mix of listening and well-argued recommendations

Chief Digital Officer, Baume & Mercier

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