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Geneva-based Baume et Mercier is one of Switzerland’s most hallowed heritage horology brands, but with the newly launched brand, Baume Watches they wanted to speak to a new audience. Designed as a high-quality, entry-level option for customers who aren’t yet investors in luxury watches, Baume needed to strike the balance between elite and accessible. It also had a unique positioning in the Richemont group as a brand aimed firmly at millennials and with many of the associated social principles at its heart, such as sustainability and a commitment to an inspiring legacy. Design & Build was tasked with bringing this innovative positioning to life online. (Update: In May 2020, Baume Watches merged with parent company Baume & Mercier.)


Crafting a new category position for a bold brand.

We undertook all aspects of the new brand from the ground up, including typography, visual direction, user experience, user interface, content architecture, and tone of voice. Subtle editorial storytelling was woven throughout product pages to help establish this brand for a new audience.


Intuitive ecommerce that invites customisation

One of the most distinctive features of the Baume brand was the ability to customise for over 2000 unique outcomes. We created a non-linear customisation experience that encouraged a sense of experimentation and play. This system was also modular, and therefore easily updated over time as the brand expanded its ranges and customisation options.


Working with Design & Build Co has been a great experience and a rare moment where, as a customer, I could 100% rely on my partner to make the right decisions. Not only does Simon, and his team, provide high quality and top-notch modern luxury design and user experience, but they deliver in real-time, with a perfect mix of listening and well-argued recommendations

Chief Digital Officer, Baume Watches

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