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In the dynamic world of fashion and luxury ecommerce, the choice between a customised Shopify theme and a fully custom theme is a key strategic business decision. This choice plays a crucial role in shaping a brand's digital presence and the overall customer experience. Our collaboration with Anglo-Italian, a brand epitomising elegance and quality, aptly illustrates the importance of this decision. Faced with the challenge of selecting the ideal digital interface, they had to decide whether to develop a fully custom theme from scratch or adapt a customised theme to suit their unique brand identity. This decision is significant, impacting not only visual aesthetics but also the functional elements of the online experience, encompassing aspects like user navigation and backend scalability.

A customised Shopify theme offers a significant advantage, particularly for emerging and mid-tier brands. It enables the efficient allocation of resources, to invest in creating bespoke experiences on brand-centric pages. This approach ensures that the most crucial aspects of the brand's digital presence are uniquely tailored, providing a distinctive user experience in areas that matter most. At the same time, these customised themes leverage the best practice ecommerce features provided by Shopify. This dual benefit – customisation where it counts, combined with reliable, proven ecommerce functionality – makes customised themes a smart choice for brands aiming to stand out in the competitive digital marketplace.


Selecting an appropriate theme for an ecommerce platform is crucial, particularly for fashion and luxury brands. Anglo-Italian's decision to use the Prestige theme from Shopify stands out as an exemplary choice, perfectly marrying brand identity with operational efficiency. Prestige was selected for its ability to reflect the brand's style and values, while ensuring a fluid shopping experience. This synergy of design and functionality was crucial in their choice, effectively addressing both aesthetic appeal and practical needs.

The importance of scalability and adaptability in a theme cannot be understated, especially in the rapidly changing fashion industry. Prestige offered the flexibility needed for Anglo-Italian to quickly adapt to market shifts and evolving customer preferences. Additionally, website performance and search engine optimisation (SEO) were critical considerations. Prestige excelled in providing fast load times and high visibility on search engines, key factors that have contributed to a smooth user experience and a robust online presence for the brand.


Customised themes present a harmonious blend of proven ecommerce features and the capability for brand-specific modifications. This approach is highly beneficial for brands aiming to enhance key areas of their online presence and such targeted improvements facilitate a unique brand experience, ensuring the brand's character shines through without compromising the core functionalities of their site. They also typically benefit from regular updates and ongoing support from the platform provider, which helps in maintaining the site's compatibility with the latest web standards and security protocols. 

Conversely, a fully custom themes offer unparalleled opportunities for unique differentiation. They allow for complete creative control over every aspect of the website, aligning every detail with the brand's vision. However, this level of customisation comes at a cost, both in terms of financial investment and time spent in development. Creating a theme from scratch requires extensive planning, design, and coding, which can significantly extend the timeline for launching or updating a website.

For a brand like Anglo-Italian, the decision to use a customised theme was a strategic move that struck a balance between the robustness of a proven ecommerce platform and the need to infuse their unique brand identity into their online space. This approach streamlined their focus on enhancing customer engagement points, making the most of the theme’s versatility without the need to invest heavily in developing basic site functionalities from the ground up.


Anglo-Italian's strategic use of a customised Shopify theme significantly enhanced their ecommerce platform's user experience, contributing to a more engaging and intuitive user journey. Central to their strategy was creating an interface that was visually aligned with the brand while being user-friendly. The customised theme facilitated a seamless navigation experience, enabling customers to easily explore products and engage with the brand's story.

The integration of unique, brand-specific elements was another key aspect. Custom graphics and bespoke product page layouts provided a distinct browsing experience, differentiating them in a competitive market. These tailored touchpoints, especially in the homepage and product discovery areas, merged brand narrative with shopping convenience.

In essence, Anglo-Italian’s customised theme choice was paramount in creating a user-friendly, engaging online presence. This strategy underscores the importance of a thoughtful theme approach in crafting a successful digital identity in the luxury fashion sector.


A customised theme provides an optimal fusion of brand-specific tailoring with the reliability of a proven ecommerce platform. This approach, championed by Design & Build Co., allows fashion and luxury brands to allocate their resources effectively, focusing on creating unique user experiences at crucial interaction points without the need to build foundational ecommerce functionalities from the ground up.

The agility offered by a customised theme is especially crucial in the fashion and luxury sectors. These industries are characterised by rapid shifts in trends and consumer preferences, necessitating a digital presence that can adapt swiftly and seamlessly. Furthermore, the success of such a strategy hinges on a profound collaboration between the brand and its digital agency to ensure the right agency can translate a brand’s vision into a compelling digital narrative. This collaborative approach is invaluable in crafting an online experience that resonates with the target audience and stands out in a competitive market.


The case of Anglo-Italian in the ecommerce sector highlights the effectiveness of customised Shopify themes for fashion and luxury brands. This approach, blending bespoke design elements with robust ecommerce functionality, has proven to be beneficial in the competitive digital arena.

The flexibility of customised themes is pivotal, allowing brands to adapt swiftly to changing trends and consumer preferences, thereby maintaining a relevant and engaging online presence. Design & Build Co.'s role in this process involves understanding these dynamics and applying them effectively, illustrating how a well-executed customised theme can enhance a brand's digital strategy. It's an example of how thoughtful design and functional adaptability can come together to create a compelling online experience, an approach that Design & Build Co. is well-versed in applying within the luxury ecommerce landscape.


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